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Bring balance to your life; improve your physical and mental health while having fun.

Who are we?

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JStep was created amid COVID with the hope of improving individuals’ physical and mental health. We are a community in care company which means we have no shareholders. Being that, the entire business is focused on helping individuals in the community. We do not replace the need for medical professionals. However, many people are not necessarily eligible to be in the spectrum of government aid. For people in this situation or perhaps in need of supplementary assistance, this is where we step in. We have programs that are designed to help and work with a number of conditions through weekly sessions or intervals that suit you. Additionally, we provide physical and mental health activities focused on three major categories – sensory, fitness, and coordination. Our sessions can be one-to-one or group-based. All in all, we try to provide a varied routine using activities aligned to conditions, abilities, and enjoyment.
Jstep’s core values focus on advancing equality to everyone, promoting autonomy and wellbeing, upholding safety measures, and helping people achieve a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle. Specifically, we support all types of disabilities and anyone who is needing support with physical and mental health needs. Jstep is here to help and is fully qualified.

Our Values​

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If it is finding a way of managing an existing condition, improving mental wellbeing, or just wanting to do exercise in a safe and controlled way, JStep is here to help.

Remember, if you are not sure about something –give us a call, use our chat feature here on the site or drop us an email. Our focus is your wellbeing, and if we can help you take the next step towards improvement, we will.

All our staff are trained, experienced and DBS cleared for your peace of mind.

People Centric

We believe people deserve a choice, independence, respect, care, compassion, and the encouragement needed.​


Everyone’s ability is different and we aim to achieve positive outcomes and to improve physical and mental health well-being.

High Standards

We want to achieve the best quality of life for the patients who participate in our activities by providing high standard service.

Our Services

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One on One
or private groups

We can do this in your own home or a designated area, please see our COVID policy for groups though first, there are restrictions currently we all have to preserve for everyone’s safety. Our aim is to deliver activities that will promote a better quality of life. For instance, it might be for specific conditions where you would like our guidance on what these activities should be or perhaps we work together to provide some fun and unique activities that just allows some safe and controlled fitness or mental challenges. We are very open to new information and research to ensure the service we present is up to a high standard and importantly is right for the people taking part. Please see our page on how to begin to understand more and to get in touch
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Working with care homes

We understand the challenges that present care homes. The reason behind this is mostly because we have spent over 10 years in the industry which is why we try and tailor our services to suit the care home requirements. Most importantly, staff is key, so being able to use our staff who are DBS cleared and both trained and experienced working with a number of conditions allows you to offset your vital staff onto other patients or the mountain of paperwork that needs completing. This not only offers an immediate return financially but also means your patients get to have something fun and different in their diaries. If you have any questions about how we can assist, please schedule a call to discuss the options and the patients’ requirements and needs.

"We care about your physical and mental health"

"We care about your physical and mental health"

Our Activities

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Sensory Activities

Sensory activity helps individuals focus on stimulating the 5 senses. More specifically, though, sensory activity is designed to encourage individuals to dive into the feelings produced from these senses. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touch are important for the brain to understand body awareness. When it comes to sensory activities, we want to consider how the entire body experiences the world. During our sessions, the activities we offer focus on helping with cognitive growth and development, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. It encourages independent thinking and problem-solving and are pretty fun to do.

Fitness Activities

Personal fitness and physical well-being are intimately linked to longevity and the quality of one’s life. Individuals with additional needs generally have lower levels of physical activity than their typically developing peers and this causes an accelerated detrimental effect on mental wellbeing. Fitness activities increase the sense of control and promote a positive attitude which is why this is a big focus for JStep. We have developed a large number of fun sessions for all types of health, aging, and mental conditions.
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Coordination Activities

Coordination, balance, and motor skills are essential to minimize fatigue. When individuals are learning these skills, they expend large amounts of energy and mental acuity to master these abilities. These skills are necessary to help individuals stay active, exercise and essential for overall health. Gross motor skills help children catch a ball, while balance and coordination are important for simple things like to jump, climb, and play sports without falling over. Individuals with additional needs might need support with developing eye-hand, eye-foot, and bilateral co-ordination skills which are improved by doing our specially devised activities and exercises.

How our services benefit you?

As an individual or a private group
When taking part in activities, we aim to make it enjoyable to participate and engage. We like to instill a positive atmosphere by ensuring the activities are fun and creating a winning feeling.

We alternate activities to maintain the interest and provide opportunities to work with one-on-one individuals or groups while respecting individuals’ preferences regarding what is fun and enjoyable means to them.

Taking part will have several short- and long-term benefits for health and well-being. Engaging with the individuals, giving choices, and having scheduled activities will reduce stress and anxiety and help develop new skills. We adopt a personalized approach by getting to know the participants, their likes, and preferences. This will allow us to prepare activities for their needs and reduce their risk of experiencing stress, anxiety, or injury.

Please see our Covid policy for more information on group activities.
As a care home
No two days will be the same. We ensure to create a variety of creative, fun, and enjoyable activities for everyone. We consider people’s varying needs and interests; that’s why we adapt the activities in an agile manner to avoid any inconvenience and increase engagement.
Our team members have experience in the care industry. In addition to leading activities with individuals to help with their physical and mental well-being, we will be assisting the care homes to release the staff members to divert their time to do other tasks. You can use us to help fill the gaps in staffing requirements or perhaps help reduce the workload and at the same time. We can help the clients enjoy something different that provides physical and mental stimuli.