Who are we?

JStep was created in the midst of COVID with a focus on improving individuals’ physical and mental well-being. During the crazy year of 2020 we felt more than ever the need for people to have something different in the diary on a regular basis that promoted these important elements of life was no longer a luxury but a necessity.
If you continue reading this page you will understand more about the kind of activities we offer and how these different activities are selected for specific conditions. We have broken our collection of activities into three major categories – sensory, fitness and coordination.
We created JStep to help people that need it so our prices and our ways of working have been designed to minimise cost and to provide this valuable service as cheaply as we can whilst remaining safe and importantly a functional business. We are always looking for better funding options from local and central government schemes to help minimise the cost to individuals or in some cases provide for free, sadly this isn’t always the case but if you are on this page its probably worth a call 😊.

Our Values​

The services we offer are essential activities to help promote a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. The activities are tailored for patients’ requirements meaning they remain enjoyable yet valuable for progress and well-being. We can tailor-make activities to support and encourage individual likes and interests, both as 1:1 or as a group. Our people-centric approach allows variety and enjoyment whilst providing the support they need.
Please take a look at our services, it doesn’t matter if you are a care-home looking to find new and interesting activities for patients or offsetting key workers to other tasks; an individual that wants interesting new addition to the diary or perhaps requires specialist care; or even a group of individuals that want to get together in a COVID safe way to perform light and enjoyable activities. We will no doubt have something that can work for you.

All our staff are trained, experienced and DBS cleared for your peace of mind.

People Centric

We believe people deserve a choice, independence, respect, care, compassion, and the encouragement needed.


Everyone's ability is different and we aim to achieve positive outcomes and to improve physical and mental health well-being.

High Standards

We want to achieve the best quality of life for the patients who participate in our activities by providing high standard service.

You are in good hands

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